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Understanding Augmentation Mammoplasty

Finding out the flaws in one’s body, one becomes depressed and sometimes blindly chooses a remedy which screams solution. A number of women are considering breast augmentation, or enlarging one’s breast with artificial implants, is a fashion per se and regularizing this fashion, there are a number of clinics offering this procedure. While some are authentic, some are just fashion.

Body: Before you consider Breast Augmentation, consider recognizing what you want from your life and for your body. Breast Augmentation is an invasive surgery which uses alien materials to reside in your body and your body gets used to it.

Breast Augmentation has been in the scene since the mid 1900s, from a complete failure to a success story which is made up of dedicated work of plastic surgeons for decades of work to meet the success rate.

After coming forth with a number of materials for the implants to best suit the requirements, including soy oil. Doctors have narrowed down to two materials safe for an implant:

• Saline breast implants: Come in a round shape, are cost-effective materials. These are filled with saline consisting mainly of a salt water concentration filled in a silicone shell. Implanting them can be done by minimal invasive procedure, through a small incision generally in the baseline of the breast. Saline implants are sometimes considered for unnatural appeal, but with skilled hands and tricky surgical techniques like placing the implant behind the chest muscle and slightly overfilling it can make a difference. Post the surgery doctors stictch the incision area, which sometimes hardly even noticeable. The wound wear of in a week or so.This procedure is available for women aged 18 onwards.

• Silicone breast implants: Are filled with a medical silicone solution in a silicone shell, which looks a lot like a cod-lever oil capsule. These implants come in a shape called Tear Drop, which carries a very natural appearance. Implanting silicone implants is a invasive procedure, which means its an open surgery. The implants are available from age 22.

Risks and Procedure

For saline and silicone, breast implants bear the risk of rupturing which means leaking of the liquid from the shell. This results to sometimes pain, discomfort or variations in shape. Other risks include infection in the wound, permanent change in the nipple and sensation to touch. This is to be suggested to go for regular mammograms after the surgery, about once every 1 or 2months to catch any rupture in the very beginning.

Procedure and process to be aware of

Now you know how the breast implanting surgeries are done. But before they are considered, doctors evaluate the aesthetic needs of every patient.

There are some points to remember:

• Aesthetic needs – they require a patient’s mental stature, her goals and the importance of her aesthetic goals

• Medical History – patient undergoes thorough checkup of her heart, lungs, kidney checkup, with blood tests and other tests. The doctor examines her breasts, with shape, size, nipple placement and skin tone. A mammogram is done, with the x-ray of the breast.

• Safety measures are evaluated with due investigation whether the patient is on any drugs, is a smoker or drinking habits.