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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.Is it true that breast surgeries cause breast cancer?
Ans: No, it doesn’t.
Q. What are the impacts of breast surgery and breast cancer?
Ans: The suspicion of cancer arises with the silicone material of breast implants and body reaction to the alienation. There have been avid research and investigations by leading medical boards worldwide that have widely published that no evidence have been found about breast implants causing cancer.
Q.Does breast surgery cause weight gain?
Ans: Yes, unfortunately it is a common complaint from patients. At Harley Cosmetic Group we prescribe systematic massage therapies and light exercises to keep your weight in check.
Q. What do you exactly mean by realistic expectations?
Ans: Having realistic expectations is to accept the fact that your final results might not match with the exact one you have dreamt. Your surgeon will most closely give you an idea about how your results will look like with the due comparison with our past patient’s before after images and conditions and way of treatments. However, final results may vary person to person and this is the reality which you are required to allow in your expectations.
Q.What if I am unable to keep my medicine down?
Ans: You need to talk to your surgeon about the usage of medications at the initial consultation, he will surely assist you with a proper solution.
Q.When can I resume exercising?
Ans: You need to give it at least 3weeks for any strenuous movement. And resuming with exercise depends much on your procedure. Usually the surgeon himself will prescribe some exercise regimes. Be patient.
Q.When will my breast implants drop?
Ans: For most women, breast implants rest a bit high for a short period after surgery, and then few weeks later they drop into a more normal position. The time it takes your breast implants to drop depends upon several factors, including the implant size, what size you were before your breast augmentation surgery, the implant surface type; implant placement, your muscle tone and whether you massage your breasts. Smooth breast implants drop faster than textured implants.
Q. Will I have to sleep on my back or side forever?
Ans: No. Just like the swelling, pain and redness, this is only temporary. You should sleep on your back with your head elevated for the first five to 10 days after surgery to reduce your discomfort and swelling. You can sleep on your side or stomach after 10 days.
Q. How long with my post surgical swelling last and how much cup size will I lose?
Ans: You might feel firmness in part to some swelling of your breast skin and soft-tissue being tight. It takes about 4months to come to a proper decision as to your cup size. Be patient, there will be no change in size from the tissue relaxing and only a little decrease from the swelling going down.
Q.What is overfilling?
Ans: Overfilling involves adding more saline to the breast implant than the manufacturer says is the maximum amount. This is only an option with saline breast implants, as they are filled after implantation. Saline implants come in a wide range of sizes, and all of them have both a minimum and maximum fill amount. Overfilling may make the implant feel firmer, but will not affect its size. Overfilling may also increase the risk of deflation, and may void your warranty.
Q. Do I need to take antibiotics before having any dental work after I have had a breast augmentation?
Ans: When you have dental work, plaque and bacteria that are normally found in your gums may be released into your blood stream where they can cause infection. This is not an issue for most healthy people, but individuals with heart conditions or poor immune systems must follow a pre-determined antibiotic regimen before they visit the dentist. Any foreign body, including a breast implant, can be a target for infection. Discuss the risks and how to guard against them with your breast surgeon and your dentist.
Q.Is this surgery recommended for teenagers?
Ans: Not without parental approval and a genuine reason. Since during teens the body still growing, surgeons suggest 21 is the right age to go for breast augmentation surgery. But there is no harm for teenagers to consider this surgery.