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Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation
Women widely experience sagging and drooping of breasts after such life events like pregnancy, weight loss and ageing. The shape, size and curvature can differ from its firmness and this can lead to a dismal especially with women who celebrate and are proud of their natural beauty. A breast augmentation surgery is devised to substitute the missing aesthetic inferiorities or permanent changes with permanent prosthesis breast implants will look as close to natural as your former breasts would be. Whereas, a breast lift surgery doesn’t involve breast implants and resumes the firmness of sagging bosoms with removing extra elasticized skin from particular areas of the breast to give you a tight and firm skin and breasts.

A breast augmentation surgery is intended to be fit for those women who have small or asymmetric breasts and that with this procedure it is supposed for breast enlargement. If used for sagging breasts, it also serves the purpose, but since the patient is not really one with small or asymmetric breasts, a breast lift is fit for resistance of living with the prosthesis for long time which is subject to lifelong maintenance and care.

Breast lift on the other hand is for breast enhancement which you desire and does not involve long term maintenance whatsoever. However, with this surgery done, if you gain weight in the future then your breasts can get saggy and droopy again. However the removal of breast tissue can sometimes make your breasts look smaller than before.

It is a matter of choice and condition of course, which you can presumably come to terms with once you consult in detail with a recognised plastic surgeon. Both the surgeries happen to be expensive in the UK. So you might consider thinking twice the right option. And talking to a well qualified plastic surgeon clears a lot of doubts as in when and what reasons are ideal to consider any plastic surgery, and of course which procedure suits best to your purpose.

It is most likely if you maintain a proper fitness regime and exercise with generous amounts of vegetables and antioxidants in your diet, wear the rightly supporting bra and have the right sleeping postures, its habits and ways of living like these, that can restore your breasts from sagging out of age and other mentioned life events.

Combination of breast augmentation and breast lift

The both procedures are combined when it is not enough with breast implants to cover any droop (ptosis) of breast and a breast lift is to remove the drooping excess skin to provide firmness and suppleness. Similarly a breast lift is combined with breasts implants when the sagginess is covered but you would rather have it permanently.

Cost of Combined Breast augmentation and lift in the UK

Combined surgeries with a breast lift can be a breast augmentation as well as a breast reduction surgery. The purpose of breast lift is to remove excess whence there it is. And the costs vary widely from procedure to procedure and the course of the surgery. Combined breast lift prices at Harley Cosmetic Group start from £6,000 which will include price of your chosen breast implants, type of incision, type of placement and whether or not you will be required to stay overnight at the hospital.

This is to be sure that our surgeons at Harley Cosmetic Group take the responsibility to provide the best support system needed and expected from a surgeon for a lasting, safe and sure surgery which serves the purpose of your aesthetic goals and happiness for life.