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Corrective Breast Surgery
To any sort of malformation in previously performed breast surgeries, corrective surgeries performed in Harley Cosmetic Group, our clinic in London includes the correction of breast implant symmetry; correction of capsular contracture and corrective surgery post breast reduction.

We don’t only limit to our past patients, we also help patients who have been previously treated by other surgeons unrecognised by Harley Cosmetic Group. However, we strongly ask our clients to provide us proper documentation of past surgeries and medical history, especially if they have been past patients of an unrecognised surgeon.

Women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery in the past and are unhappy with it, or there have been any complications with it. Modern cosmetic surgery is advancing to come over the rate of complications associated with breast implants, however, they still exist and a corrective surgery is all that is needed. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure. A breast enhancement surgery at Harley Cosmetic Group clinic in London or anywhere else in the world does carry some of the potential breast implant risks and complications regardless of their high standards, and that includes:

Implant Displacement sometimes breast implants tend to shift outwards the armpit that might look unnatural or even awkward.

Implant Rupturing is when sometimes the implants are punctured and the gel inside starts to leak overtime. It is required then to remove them. If you had saline breasts implants then rupturing have least chances of causing infection, as with silicone. But neither of them causes any disease that you don’t have.

Capsular Contracture is when a capsular lining of tissues forms around the implants and hardens. Sometimes this works as an advantage if rupturing happens. It locks the gel inside its capsule from spreading to the body. However, capsular contracture can be painful sometimes and causes deformation of the breast implants and hardens them.

Implant Symmastia is when the breast implants shift from the sides to come to the middle of the chest making to look like as there is one breast at the center of the chest. This is also referred as uni-boob.

It’s because of correcting the complications or otherwise just to revise old breast implants after a point of time that a corrective breast enhancement is devised with a number of personalized and advantageous procedures.

Breast Implant Revision serves the purpose of re-shifting breasts implants to the right place with making the same incision types and placement as had been your previous surgery. Implant revision is conducted on a number of complications including rupturing; symmastia and all that dislocates the implants. The recovery period and instructions are also same as your fist time breast implant surgery.

Nipple Correction is performed to correct deformed nipples that can get with pregnancy or breast feeding with breast implants, all for restoring the natural feel and look of your breasts. This can be done alone or in addition with any surgery you might be having if the surgeon finds you need one; he will suggest so to you. The surgery involves little incisions around the nipple and spreading or contracting the nipples to restore a less prominent and youthful looks of the breasts. Milk ducts are kept safe and uncharted by the surgery.

Corrective surgery costs in the UK Corrective breast implant surgery is largely subjected to the patient’s condition and the required conduction of procedure. Standard breast reconstruction cost start from £4,000 to £5,000. Harley Cosmetic Group takes the responsibility to provide the best support system needed and expected from a surgeon for a lasting, safe and sure surgery at our clinic in London which serves the purpose of your aesthetic goals and happiness for life.