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Breast Reduction
As with the popularity of breast augmentation in London and all over UK is sought mainly for breast enlargement, there can also be a problem when women have naturally large breasts or have developed them due to various life events like gaining weight, pregnancy and breast feeding etc. For this purpose the breast reduction procedure is devised as to get rid of large breasts and get a more subtle and proportionate body structure.

At Harley Cosmetic Group breast reduction surgeries are almost as common as breast augmentation, and this involves a number of procedures including liposuction combined with breast lift or surgically removing breast tissue and fat with open incisions, and shaping and correcting the nipple placement as well. This surgery can be performed on either or both breasts to acquire symmetry in uneven bosoms.

This surgery is often used in combination for mommy makeover and breast uplift itself, and the main ideal of this surgery is to give your breasts a contoured curvature, much to the normal desire of an individual.

Large breast can be because of a number of reasons like excess secretion of hormones estrogen and progesterone in the female body that can during adolescence and develop genetically large breasts. Pregnancy and gaining weight can also add to ones breasts being too large than normal. This surgery is applicable in either of primary reasons where:

• You have genetically large breasts

• You have uneven bosoms as in one too large compared to the other

• You have developed neck and shoulder pain due to the weight of your breasts

• It is socially hard to manage with unwanted attention in public places

• Fewer choices in clothes

• Even if you don’t have oversized breasts you have droopy and saggy breasts

This procedure is done on an outpatient basis under specialist and highly qualified and experienced surgeons in our clinic in London, or at a state of the art hospital. This surgery can be availed by everyone, and not as sensitive to candidacy. But this surgery is performed on healthy and fit patients who are not affected by any serious ailments. The type of procedure depends on the patient under the consultation session in our clinic in London and this with the same care in patient evaluation is determined about.

Breast reduction surgery can be done on a day care facility under general anaesthesia and in some cases and dependent on the condition and sensitivity of the patient overnight stay at the hospital. Your pre-marked areas will be incised as predetermined at the consultation session. It usually starts with repositioning the nipples keeping intact the blood supply. And in case of very large breasts skin grafting maybe used for positioning the nipple which would resume with blood supply eventually.

The extra breast tissue and droopy skin and fat would be surgically excised from the chest in personalised patterns and incisions that would leave you with a proportionately small yet full and curvy breasts, that is lifted and youthful.

After the surgery the breasts are heavily bandaged and maybe some valves will be attached to seep away the dripping blood. Breasts are prone to some amount of swelling which subside within a week or so. Recovery can take up to several weeks, pain and discomfort can last till a few days or a week. The surgeon will be prescribing some pain medications which can make your recovery bearable enough.

Breast Reduction Cost in the UK

Breast Reduction price start from £3,200 at Harley Cosmetic Group and goes up till £6,500. Consultation is offered free at our clinic in London for the benefit of educating seeking patients of breast enhancement and other cosmetic procedures.