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Breast Reconstruction
Breast cancer is a thunderous term to be diagnosed under and women who are affected by it or are at the risk of it lead a troublesome life already. And either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy is the only treatment along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat breast cancer.

Breast Reconstruction is performed on patients who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery for the cause of Breast Cancer or as a preventive breast cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction is done both immediately or delayed after the mastectomy surgery with a well planned method and with the use of prosthesis breast implants or tissue taken from any ideal region of the patient’s body itself to substitute the removed breast.

The Procedure

A breast reconstruction is a matter of personalized choice as to whether the patient wants it immediately after the mastectomy or sometime later in life perhaps when they have cured off from the mastectomy surgery or saved their funding for the surgery. At Harley Cosmetic Group our surgeons monitor every aspect of a woman’s health and emotional condition to purpose the surgery at the right time and the right procedure. This surgery depends on the basis of a number of factors:

• The size and type of mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery you have had, and weather you had mastectomy or lumpectomy.
• The size of the lump and the presence of cancerous tissue
• Condition of the breast/breasts after the surgery
• And of course, emotional condition.

Based on these factors the time, placement and incision type of a breast reconstruction surgery is decided mutually between the surgeon the patient.

Immediate Reconstruction at Harley Cosmetic Group do not perform breast cancer treatments or mastectomy procedures, so we get to have patient’s from our associate institutions where their patients seek the procedure from leading surgeons that we associate with, immediate breast reconstruction surgeries are apparently performed at the hospital the patient is having the mastectomy or lumpectomy and is being treated for breast cancer. Our surgeons go there and this is performed in collaboration with a group of surgeons.

Immediate reconstruction substitutes the removed breasts completely or initiates the procedure which can be completed as is convenient with time and funding. There are various procedures how this is done—

• Inflatable medical balloon
• Placing Breast Implants
• Fat Grafting

The medical balloon is placed underneath the remaining tissues of the mastectomy area and a permanent breast implant is placed then and there or kept for later. Otherwise fat grafting technique is used.

Delayed breast reconstruction is performed anytime within weeks, months or even years after the mastectomy or lumpectomy. Delayed reconstruction has the benefit that the scar tissues become soft and malleable with time.

Women usually substitute their outgoing appearance with supportive bra’s and undergarments for the missing breasts and lead a normal life. But some women look more forward to get the reconstruction done to get on with life. This surgery often removes the natural nipple and areola and the nipple and areola is also artificially reconstructed when the breast implants have well settled in their position otherwise the nipple placement can disposition because the shape of the breast implants changes in sometime after the surgery.

For unilateral reconstruction, sometimes the other breast also needs a touch of shaping with either a breast lift, if it’s large enough and you have chosen a subtle breast enlargement or use breast implants for breast augmentation for asymmetric breasts.

Breast Reconstruction Cost in the UK

At our clinic in London we have excluded the charges for the consultation which will help you educate yourself to elect for the right procedures. Your costs would include: The procedure; Types of incision and placement; Breast implant; Type of anaesthesia; Choice of equipment and the amount of time spent at the hospital post surgery.

These factors determine the cost of your surgery that will be determined at your consultation session in detail. All consultations take place in our clinic in London.

Breast Reconstruction price start from £3,200 at Harley Cosmetic Group and goes up till £10,000 subject to personalised requirements and desires. We don’t encourage patients who want to opt for this surgery under any influence than the patient’s own clear conscious and a primary reason for asking for it.