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Realistic Expectations
As breast augmentation and breast enhancement surgeries are the most commonly opted cosmetic surgical procedures in the UK, it is not to be considered as a trend whatsoever and at Harley Cosmetic Group having realistic expectation is one the key conditions of being an ideal candidate for this surgery.

This is to be understood that this surgery is meant for improvement of your breast deficiencies and patients under influence of their spouses or the best girl in their office are sometimes even turned down the surgery. At Harley Cosmetic Group we perform breast enhancement surgeries only on deserving candidates who are genuinely suffering from poor body image due to naturally small, detectably uneven, saggy or droopy breasts.

Individuals who all are considering this surgery need to be confident about the additional risks and complication associated with it. As all kinds of surgeries have some potential risks and complications, with each breast enhancement surgery procedure their some associative complications which the patient is required to be fully aware and confident about. Like for example, if you are choosing a breast augmentation surgery, complications include rupturing of the breast implants and capsular contracture. Other complications include scar pigmentation, bruising.

At Harley Cosmetic Group we provide complete and detailed information about each and every procedure for breast enhancement, and patient is expected to have a positive mind towards each condition and complication. We ensure all safety measures before the surgery and during your full recovery. But patients are expected to maintain the instructions as given by their surgeons.

Breast augmentation and all kinds of breast enhancement procedures are elective surgeries which mean that the patient is supposed to choose the procedure, incision types and has to make other such decisions about the surgery herself. Surgeons provide all kinds of knowledge and before after image of past patients to help the patient make the right decision. Hence, it is expected that the patient is confident about her decisions and must consider the outcomes and lifelong maintenance associated with a breast enhancement surgery. And also be honest and disciplined with all instructions given by the surgeon. And most importantly be confident that she is not going to regret this in the due course of life that this procedure is considered only for the improvement of poorly developed breasts.

Factors like body proportion, breast symmetry and physical condition of the patient defers from patient to patient, it is possible that as a similar case of a past patient is that as yours, yet final results can differ after you have chosen the same things and procedures the past patient had chosen. Results of one can or cannot be identical to the results of a past patient. It is important that each woman consider other factors such as the amount of time needed for recovery, the possible loss of nipple or breast sensitivity and the possible loss of the ability to breast feed. There are also other issues to consider such as the use of a silicone gel implant versus a saline filled implant.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure that, under the correct circumstances with give the expect result. It is important that the procedure is performed for the right realistic reasons and that the patient is emotionally stable. Every woman who is considering this operation will benefit from doing their own research. It is from diligently educating themselves about the options that a good decision can be made.