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Pre-Op Checklist
When you are a qualified candidate for breast enhancement procedure at Harley Cosmetic Group, the preoperative checklist is provided by your surgeon which jots down the do’s, don’ts and detailed list of what you are required to carry out before the surgery.

Here mentioned is a generalized preoperative checklist for to prepare basically; however, your personalized checklist might look different.

When you are three weeks away from the surgery avoid the intake of prohibited medications. If there must be some medications you can’t prohibit, this is usually consulted and sorted out by your surgeon, and if you are still qualified for the surgery then do the needful required managing your medication and the surgery. Restricted drugs for breast enhancement surgery include: vitamins; anti-coagulants; anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirins.

Quit smoking. There have been many justifications and explanations regarding smoking and breast implants, you might have heard it somewhere it is not harmful or does not delays recovery. But our surgeons strictly disapprove mixing smoking and breast implants when you are scheduled for a surgery at Harley Cosmetic Group.

You would require refraining from alcohol too. The point is alcohol has a numbing effect to your blood streams and nerves which you might not feel when you have had it three weeks ago but your nerves and blood stream are still in the effect. So when you are up for this surgery refraining from even a pint of beer is essential for your own safety.

You will be prescribed some special supplements to prepare your body for the surgery, like if you have chosen a breast augmentation by fat grafting then iron supplements are prescribed, including medications for pain and antibiotics. Consider following the diet plan if so is pre-specified by your surgeon. The medical reports and prescriptions need to be filled by this time and you might consider getting a case of pills with you to keep them handy.

When you are a week away from the surgery

Make a tie up with a friend/ family member or hire a helper whom you can trust on to take you safely home after the surgery, you are strongly advised against being alone till at least 5days after a breast augmentation surgery.

It is a good time to re-confirm your room at the hospital if your procedure involves you to stay in the hospital overnight.

Three Days Prior to Surgery your Breast Enhancement surgery:

Quit usage of creams like acne treatment and as instructed by your surgeon

Quit your regular workout sessions as instructed

Store lots of ice-bags in the fridge, you will need to aid for the swelling you will get after the surgery

Arrange for a sitter at the shower for you’ll laying on a tuh or standing underneath the shower both might can strain to the breast implants

Start taking the prescribed VitaminK/ Arnica and all the pre-op medications as prescribed by your surgeon. These are to prevent bruising from breast implants. Do not try to wax or shave underarms within a week before breast augmentation surgery.