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Ideal Candidacy
When we receive patients or educate seeking patients, plastic surgeons largely refer to the logistics of a breast enhancement surgery. If you are suffering from a low self esteem because of small or deformed breasts due to any naturally or gradually occurrence life event, there are a number of breast enhancement surgeries that might help you get a proportionate breast shape and size to boost your confidence. Harley Cosmetic Group breast restoration clinic in London offers world standard high class surgeries that are performed under talented and highly reputed assistance of eminent plastic surgeons.

A cosmetic breast surgery might be opted to fulfill a number of deficiencies or inferiority in the shape, size or built of the breasts. There are many types of breast surgeries devised for a significant reason that an individual might opt for that include mastectomy or lumpectomy; small breasts or asymmetric breasts, sagging breasts post pregnancy and breast feeding; excessively large breasts and to meet these various criterion, procedures like breast augmentation; breast reconstruction; breast reduction; breast uplift are devised.

The ideal candidacy for a surgery means that you have an ideal reason and condition to qualify for the surgery. Our plastic surgeons largely follow the rules of candidacy with extensive evaluation of the patient.

Breast Augmentation is performed with the usage of artificial breast implants made of silicone to fulfill the deficiency of unevenly shape and size of the breasts to fuller and symmetric appearance. This surgery is performed using breast implants made of a varied sizes and shapes, to make you gain naturally attractive bosom and cleavage

Breast Reconstruction is designed for women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery due to mainly breast cancer or as a breast cancer preventive surgery when there is a suspicion that they might be infected with cancer in the future. A mastectomy surgery is to remove either or both breasts or a part of it for prevention of cancer. A breast reconstruction surgery is performed immediately or later to mastectomy. In the procedure the mould of the breast is rebuild with artificial breast implants or skin flaps to form the closest to natural substitute for the removed breasts. Sometimes plastic surgeons even create an areola and nipple too.

Breast Reduction is performed on women with large breasts to allow proportion and ease to the body. At Harley Cosmetic Group breast reduction procedures are conducted by various procedures for removing breast tissue to give a tight, firm and lighter breasts. As bigger weighty breasts sometimes leads to aches and pain to back, shoulder and neck which is especially a hinder in our everyday desk jobs.

Mommy Makeover is a combination of a number of procedures to get you rid of all post pregnancy physical changes, like stretch marks, sagging breasts and abdominal area. This combo of breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks and body lift procedures are performed to sustain you a firm, defined and rejuvenated full body makeover.

Corrective Surgery applies to any sort of malformation in previously performed breast surgeries. The most patent surgeries performed in Harley Cosmetic Group include the correction of breast implant symmetry; correction of capsular contracture and corrective surgery post breast reduction. We don’t only limit to our past patients, we also help patients who have been previously treated by other surgeons unrecognised by Harley Cosmetic Group. However, we strongly ask our clients to provide us proper documentation of past surgeries and medical history, especially if they have been past patients of an unrecognised surgeon.

Breast Uplift is commonly performed to normal size breasts if they are droopy, sagging and loose due to ageing, pregnancy and breast feeding or any such life events. This procedure involves breast augmentation with or without the usage of breast implants; breast reduction with nipple correction. And the main ideal of this surgery is to raise the breast fold to level up the breasts up to the chest proportion with tight and firm definition, as it would be for naturally attractive breasts. The recovery period following breast augmentation surgery is usually within a few days. However, if you work at a job that requires you to do heavy lifting, the doctor may recommend a longer recuperation period. Physical contact with the breasts needs to be avoided for at least three weeks. The scars associated with the surgery will fade but this may take several months or a year.

When you meet with the surgeon, he/she will give you a list of instructions that you must follow to prepare for the surgery. The surgeon will also discuss the implants that will be used and the type of anesthetic that will be used. You will not be allowed to drive following the surgery, because of the anesthetic, so you have to make sure you have arrangements for someone to pick you up at the hospital. If the doctor uses a general anesthetic, you will sleep through the whole procedure. The usual method, though, is to use a local anesthetic and a sedative to make you drowsy, but you will remain awake throughout the procedure.