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Emotional Condition
At Harley Cosmetic Group we are widely experienced with patients who suffer poor body image and sometimes can be regarded with psychological disturbances associated with body dismorphic disorder (BDD).

Patients of breast reconstruction and breast reduction surgeries are comparably less as far concerned with body image, having a mastectomy or having swelled up breasts due to overweight or pregnancy and breast happen to bring to us the patients, who are confident about their choices and are more concerned about having normally shaped breasts.

But patients applying for a breast augmentation surgery happen to be exposed to a mixed conception of emotions and psychological state.

This should not turn up as something which you cannot control later in life and rather regret. Hence, our surgeons don’t approve patients who are under 18, and that does not mean that you can be an ideal candidate just because you are 19. What we seek is emotional maturity, primary reason and self confidence in choosing a breast augmentation surgery to improve the due course of not only your body image but the course of your life as well.

Applying for a mommy makeover, we treat a number of patients that often confess of poor body image for having saggy or botched breasts and this impacts their self esteem and happiness in a great deal that normally can imagine.

Turning 40 brings with it some unusual feelings associated with one’s body image as in they feel they have lost a big part of their life by looking like a 40year old, when what they feel inside is 30. We always try to make our patients to see age as a stepping stone, and although as breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure that can drastically improve sagging and drooping breasts, it won’t’ change the course of your life. And we strongly suggest our patients that body image are actually the matter of state of mind.