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Breast Anatomy
The anatomy of breasts is a vital part in examination whether for breast enhancement, understanding breast cancer, or in general.

A woman’s breasts are the symbol of her feminity and sensuality but not everyone is blessed with that sensual curvature and fullness. The primary function of breasts is for breast feeding of the infant. But it is also considered as a secondary sex organ.

The female steroid hormone estrogen and progesterone stimulate the mammary glands causing breast enlargement from the age of 12 or 13 in young women and normally it acquires a round and firm mass of breast tissue as they grow. Breasts consist of several layers of tissues, like fat tissue or breast tissue. The fold between the meeting of chest wall and breast tissue is called the inframammary fold.

In approximately the center of the breast forms the areola which projects the nipple the color varies from light pink to dark brown depending on complexion and from its surface opens about 8 to 10 milk ducts that secretes the milk. This region is also called the nipple areola complex or NAC.

Breasts cover the upper portion of the torso in women overlaying the pectoralis major muscles usually from the collarbone to the sternum and the side portion extends till the axilia. And the size and shape of the breasts is determined by the formation of breast tissues and superficial fascia, but having small or large breast does not effect on the production of milk. However, small breasts can have some effect as a sexual characteristic and might have psychological impact in women’s aesthetic proportion, as larger breasts are a highly desired characteristic socially as well as a secondary sex symbol.

Asymmetric breasts are a common condition during the initial stages of the development of the breasts during puberty which might resume normalcy as she grows up and hormonal levels stabilize. A corrective bra is designed to support for acquiring symmetry to uneven bosoms.

Breast enhancement surgeries are deviced to meet individualistic needs of these surgeries including breast enlargement or breast reduction or breast reconstruction surgeries.

The pectoralis major muscles are attached to the base of either breasts and the retro mammary space is reference to the area between the pectoralis major and the breast, which gives the breast a bouncing appearance.

The formation is of the breast is sometimes mounted high or down and a breast enhancement procedure is substituted to correct this disorder.

Breast Enhancement surgeries are developed with in deep understanding of the breast anatomy and there are three incision types to functionalize the purpose of improving poorly developed breasts to fuller and curvy breasts which you can be confident about.