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Before Surgery
Before you appear for any surgical procedure at Harley Cosmetic Group, our clinic in London, be it breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or breast uplift you have to go through the initial consultation in our clinic in London, which is of course offered to at free of cost without any hidden charges.

At the consultation you can avail to see the profiles of the eminently specialist plastic surgeons who we are associated with and choose your surgeon based on their availability and the best requirement of your purpose. You can see before after images of your chosen surgeon’s past patients who had the conditions close to that as yours and determine what your final results might look like. No matter what breast surgery you have applied for, it can only take place once you have qualified for the surgery. In this way your surgeon will assess your medical history, will examine your breasts, including its size, shape, nipple placement, skin tone and texture as compared to the rest of the body.

You should keep a copy all documentation and records of your examination intact and preserved with for future reference and you will need them in all kinds of medical diagnosis in the future, be it related to your breasts and cosmetic surgery or any other field of medical condition. At the end of the consultation you are expected to be confident to have chosen the best surgical procedure for your condition, have a clear assessment of the procedural costs, limitations, are sure with your realistic expectations and the complications that might occur.

When you are qualified for as an ideal candidate for your chosen breast procedure you need to determine few things before the surgery.

If you have opted for a breast augmentation surgery on your sagging breasts, then your breasts implants alone might not solve the whole problem and you might need to combine it with breast uplifting. But this is a personal choice and isn’t mandatory.

You would have to replace or repair your breast implants in due course of time after 5-10 years depending on the longevity of your chosen implants. Because they are meant to last a lifetime, and it is the sense that generally women who undergo this surgery are doing so in their later years to restore their youth and the implants last them up to 10 years and that is regarded as a long time, but a lifetime is much more than 10years, so don’t get confused.

Rupturing of implants is an interminable complication about breast implants and it would be a mandatory process to have regular breast examinations and routine MRI scans to keep a track of it. Implant rupturing and leakage of silicone gel into body fluids can cause infection and saline water leakage is absorbed into the body without any harm. However, none of the devices play any role in causing cancer or any such diseases.

Your health insurance is most likely not to cover for breast augmentation.

At our clinic in London, before the surgery we build a relationship with our client wherein they are free and communicative with us and there is no room for any confusion.