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Being used to aesthetic disproportions and fright from risks has never contributed for surgeons and medical practitioners to develop the voluntary line of any surgical procedure. Risks are still a part of all surgeries including breast augmentation. However, in the modern times, with the involvement of people to so widely seek cosmetic surgery, surgeons have been exposed to a large number of varied cases and experienced from them to overcome vital shortcomings.
For a breast augmentation surgery, the first complication can be associated with the emotional status of the applying candidate. Given the fact, that breast augmentation candidacy is dependent largely on the reason for you to opt for this surgery.
Breast implant surgery is generally considered a cosmetic procedure. But whatever the purpose it is a surgical procedure requiring the body to under a medical invasive procedure and there are a number of breast implant complications that can occur, even if the chances are low.
Pain is possibly the most common of the complications with breast enlargement or rather one can say a side effect. Pain will occur during the recovery period as the body heals and scar tissues build around the implant. Pain can also occur due to surgical errors like wrong size of implant, wrong placement of implant or due to other breast augmentation complications. If pain persists and is severe, contact your surgeon immediately.
There are many complications associated with breast enlargement. Breast Implants are basically silicone gel or saline filled and the covering is not immune to tear or leak over time.
Consequently, ruptured implants are somewhat common complications of breast implants. The sign of a ruptured implant is the deflation or change in shape of the breast as the gel or saline solution inside starts seeping out into the body. Sometimes, implants can leak slowly overtime without the patient realizing anything is wrong until there is a marked difference in the shape of the breast.
Research shows that most implants that are prone to rupture will do so within the first few months. This generally occurs if the implants are over filled or under filled or roughly handled either ore or post surgery. Unfortunately with time also the implant walls wear out naturally and get ruptured. A ruptured implant generally requires a replacement surgery.
Capsular Contracture is one of the breast augmentation complications that can occur when the scar tissue that forms around the implant after surgery starts to squeeze the implant. This can occur if there is infection, inflammation etc post surgery. It can manifest through a feeling of tightness, change in contour and firmness, mild to severe pain and general sensitivity. This complication also requires immediate surgery and possible replacement.
Infections are also common in complications with breast enlargement. Infections can lead to capsular contracture or even Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be life threatening. Symptoms include fever, rash like outbreak, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and even fainting spells. If antibiotics cannot control the infection, then it will require immediate surgery to remove implant and more severe treatment.
Complications with breast enlargement can occur due to either hematoma or seratoma, which is basically collection of blood or the watery part of the blood in and around a wound. This can lead to either infection or capsular contracture, and will need to be treated accordingly. Breast augmentation complications also include non-threatening side effects like cosmetic changes or ultra sensitivity. While medically non-threatening either symptom can be a hassle in practical life, affect sexual responses or breast feeding.