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After Surgery
After a breast enhancement surgery, emotional and physical condition and recovery time varies person to person and procedure s to procedure.

Basically after any procedure that might have gone through it is normal if you feel some amount of fatigue, daze for up till a couple of days post surgery. You will feel so due the effect of the anaesthesia, which will wear off by the next day or a few more days depending on the patient’s reaction to it.

You might feel nauseated with an upset stomach and vomiting for the first 1 or 2days. However, if you have chosen twilight sedation, then it is much likely to prevent nausea and vomiting, especially if you have had anti nauseating agents during your surgery.

Pain pills are only prescribed when the patient complains of pain and it is advised that you have them if the pain is unbearable. Pain after a breast augmentation surgery associates with dyesthesia and soreness in your stitches and heaviness in your chest can be uncomfortable because of the breast implants, and many women find it bearable pains however, if pain persists do keep it in top priority to tell your plastic surgeon and your nurse consultant about anything you are feeling which you have not been mentioned about.

You will be bandaged around your breasts or will support with a surgical bra as according to what your procedure might have been. Surgical bras are mainly used for Breast reconstruction and breast implant surgeries, otherwise you will be bandaged. And it depends of the procedure as to how long your bandages will be and you would have worn the surgical bra.

If you have had a breast reconstruction surgery with Harley Cosmetic Group or other where, it is not approved by our surgeons to perform a breast augmentation surgery on patients who have undergone a breast reconstruction surgery in the past, after a mastectomy and treated for cancer. We can offer to remove your breast implants or a corrective surgery for the best benefits.

There are a number of forms and designs of breast implants that we offer our patients, we use only FDA approved and medical graded genuine silicone and saline implants, if you have any complains as with the symmetry, softness, and fullness of your implants then this is much likely to subside and change form into the one you much willingly have chosen, with its naturalistic effects.

Mammography is supposed to be different post a breast implant surgery.

You would be instructed to avoid going to the beach and sunbathe for a varied time as dependent to your procedure, especially a breast reconstruction and breast enhancement surgery.

Sutures can form permanent dark patches or pigmentation with exposure to sunlight.