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Silicone Implants
The size and formation of the breasts is a major aspect of feminity and breast augmentation with the use silicone breast implants is the basic cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the shape, size and curvature of one’s breasts.

Silicon is a chemical compound found in sand and primarily mixing with hydrogen, carbon and oxygen can be formed into this heat resistant rubbery substance called silicone (with an added ‘e’ to the word) that supports great longevity when used in breast implants. The amount of composition of silicon with other hydrogen and carbon determines the molecular weight to the formation of silicone oil, gel or elastonomer.

A silicone implant is made of an elastonomer shell or bag of single or double lumen and filled with the same silicone in gel form.

Shape and Size

Modern silicone implants have double or triple layers of shell surrounding the silicone gel. This reduces the amount of gel bleed. It does, however, make the implants a bit firmer than they were years ago, but this is attributed to the thicker shell. But it is more of a personal choice and patients with silicone breast implants are often happy the natural look and feel that it provides. It is one of the biggest benefits offered by this type of implants. It prevents the rippling effect that is more likely to happen with saline implant.

Silicone gel breast implants come pre-filled, meaning that there is no fill to be added. The only real drawback to a pre-filled implant is that the incision will have to be a bit longer, depending on the size of the implant to be inserted. This is especially true for textured silicone and gummy bear silicone implants, which are somewhat firmer. Another reason that textured silicone implants require a longer incision is the fact that the shell is textured. Because silicone gel breast implants come pre-filled, they cannot be inserted via the TUBA incision (nor can any other type of pre-filled implant).

Cohesive/Gummy Bear implants are the latest or fifth generation type of silicone implants which is generally called as the gummy bear implants, which are filled with thick consistency of silicone gel inside a thicker silicone shell. This is mainly to overcome the possibility of leakage of the filling if rupturing of the implants happens. For even if rupturing happens the thick gel remains consistent from leaking into the body. This standard implant will provide a natural breast enhancement rather than breast enlargement.

Silicone implants in the shapes of teardrop and round. There is wide variety of implant size available in this type of silicone implant. Whether you are interested in D cup, DD cup, C cup or larger, there is implant to fit according to your breast shape.

Rupturing of silicone breast implants have thick outer shell, there is less possibility to break as compared to saline implant. Due to the advancement in technology, the structure of implants has become more durable than ever. The cohesive gel silicone implant holds the implants firmly.

Incision types include three methods, that is, placing the implant through armpits, nipple or under the breast fold.

Silicone breast implant cost in the UK

Standard silicone breast implants are priced between £1,750 and £5,000 and cohesive gel/ gummy bear implants cost up to £10,000.

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