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Fat Grafting for breast
Fat transfer breast augmentation is indeed an ideal procedure when you have excess subcutaneous fat elsewhere in your body and have smaller breasts as in body proportion. This procedure substitutes the requirement of breast implants with your own body fat.

The procedure involves extracting body fat from any area including hips, thighs, arms or abdomen by means of FDA approved ultrasound assisted Vaser liposuction, and the fat is collected and injected as is required for desired breast enlargement with a prominent curvature. This eliminates the need for the prosthesis breast implants and interminable risks and complication associated with it, like, implant rupture, capsular contraction and extensive mammograms and maintenance of the same. However the only problem with fat grafting breast augmentation is that more often women who need and consider a breast augmentation have small breasts and are skinny. In this case, sometimes a patient is not always an ideal candidate is rather advised to go for prosthesis silicone or saline breast implants. Otherwise, if your body structure permits, fat is grafted from comparably bulgy areas of the body like thighs, hips and buttocks.

While not everyone is an ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation, it does have several benefits. More and more doctors are considering fat transfer breast augmentation as a safe alternative and it can help in cases where an implant is not necessary. For example it can be great for breast reconstruction if someone has had a lumpectomy, or for correcting defects like uneven breasts. It’s also a good alternative for women who want a subtle augmentation rather than going up several sizes, plus it has the benefit of not introducing any foreign material into the body.

A fat transfer breast augmentation will give you visible results, but this is not the right procedure for a large increase in cup size. This should give you a softer more natural shape, but unlike an implant the fat will end up being reabsorbed by the body and your boobs will decrease in size over time. This absorption of the fat could lead to returning to your former condition or become asymmetric, and may require further sessions of the same. However, some clinics are able to freeze any fat from the initial procedure for use in the future.


The treatment has come under fire for misleading patients in terms of the kinds of results they can expect, and there is some evidence that injecting fat into the breast can sometimes cause calcified lumps which can harden and some sources suggest this reinvested fat can also leads to cysts.

Fat Transfer breast augmentation cost in the UK

Standard fat transferring breast augmentation is priced between £3000 and £8000. This includes the whole procedure.

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