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Breast Implants
Breast Implants are mainly silicon based prosthesis used for breast enlargement. There are various types and builds of implants to support for individual needs which are to improve the shape, size and texture of the breasts.

Breast enlargement surgery using breast implants is the most popular and commonly sought in the UK, other than that the technique of fat grafting is also used to meet the same purpose.

At Harley Cosmetic Group we only use medical graded safe breast implants, with a high rate of successful and satisfied clients or past patients, with whom we have proudly built a relationship of trust and happiness.

Breasts Implants are basically made of a solid and soft silicon shell or bag which is filled with either of silicone or a saline water substance.

Silicone Implants are entirely made of silicone shell as well as filling, that is the traditional form of breast implant. Silicone implants are widely chosen by surgeons and patients for its naturalistic appearance and the overall look after a breast augmentation and moreover for their longevity and variety of options as in shapes and sizes.

Saline Implants are made of a solid silicon shell and the filing is consistent of sterile salt water which if exposed to rupturing or leakage, would have least expectance of causing any infection if it is introduced to the intravenous fluids of the body.

Cohesive/Gummy Bear implants are the latest or fifth generation type of silicone implants which is generally called as the gummy bear implants, which are filled with thick consistency of silicone gel inside a thicker silicone shell. This is mainly to overcome the possibility of leakage of the filling if rupturing of the implants happens. For even if rupturing happens the thick gel remains consistent from leaking into the body. This standard implant will provide a natural breast enhancement rather than breast enlargement.

Expandable Implants promote the option of flexibility as in to choose the exact shape and size as desired by the patient. A silicone port is inserted in the chest wall and it can be left as it is or further filled with silicone or saline gel as to the desire of the patient.

Reconstructive breast implants are an outer shell of silicon base that is placed under the breast tissue often with the use of a tissue expander and once the breast implant is in right place and position it is injected with the saline solution to substitute for natural breast tissue.

Implant shapes and size

There are basically two types of implant shapes to choose from: Round shape and Teardrop/Anatomic shape and there are further builds and sizes under these two shapes to meet varied desires of patients. If you desire for an elevated cleavage a Round implant supports best for the purpose. The Teardrop shape supports fullness from the bottom of the breasts. Based on these two builds an implant can be flat, wide, narrow or tall.

The sizes are not determined by cup sizes but by cubic centimeters (cc) which starts from 175cc and increases up till 900cc to give you C or D cup size.


The shape, size and type of breast implants is largely determined depending on what the patient’s expectations are and what the surgeon has best to suggest. Our surgeons immensely understand to provide the right kind of guidance regarding your choices but, in the end of the day it’s the patient at whose full consented decision that the surgery can be executed.