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Understanding Augmentation Mammoplasty

Finding out the flaws in one’s body, one becomes depressed and sometimes blindly chooses a remedy which screams solution. A number of women are considering breast augmentation, or enlarging one’s breast (more…)

Detailed Information about a Breast Augmentation Surgery

What is a breast augmentation surgery?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is mainly meant enlarging one’s with the use of artificial breast implants made of silicon and saline being surgically placed under the breast skin. This is an invasive procedure done under general anaesthesia and which changes (more…)

Preventive breast cancer surgery and breast augmentation

This was obvious even a decade ago when a breast augmentation surgery was considered by majority of fashion hyped persons, women body builders and the trendy and rich community. Terms like micromastia and asymmetric breasts didn’t compel commoner women (more…)

Basic knowledge about Breast Augmentation surgery

Every year there is an increasing amount of patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery recorded by statistics by major medical boards. In the year 2007 8439 breast augmentation surgeries in the UK were performed. Despite there have been news and (more…)