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Breast Surgery Breast Augmentation
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Breast augmentation price policies at Harley Cosmetic Group are as standard industrial cost that is 100% transparent. All procedural cost excludes the consultation session which we provide to help you determine your decisions. We do not involve outsourcing to induce clients; you will get first hand information from our councilors or directly from our surgeons.
Breast Augmentation surgery at Harley Cosmetic Group is performed using medical graded breast implants to support for shapely breasts for women lacking them. We value for your money and ensure full confidence in delivering you with results that you would love. Breast augmentation cost excludes consultation. Special offer price starts from £ 3,200.
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Mommy Makeover

    Mommy makeover candidates are mostly between the age group of 28-56. This surgery combines a body lift and breast lift surgery especially designed for women who seek a makeover after pregnancy. Patients are often in an emotional turmoil and confused so we offer a free consultation to clear your doubts, before any decision.

Breast Uplift

    surgeries are performed on droopy, sagging breasts. Patients widely opt for this surgery after a weight loss program, due to ageing, post pregnancy. Breast uplift surgeries are done taking to minimise surgical scars and prevent ptosis and asymmetry. Breast reduction or breast augmentation is combined if necessary.

Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction surgery is mainly performed on patients with a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. Final result of this surgery is individually dependent on the patient current condition. Our surgeons ensure full confidence in delivering the best possible assessment of it with our past patient before after images.

Corrective Surgery

    A corrective breast surgery applies to any sort of malformation in previously performed breast surgeries. The most patent surgeries performed in Harley Cosmetic Group include the correction of breast implant symmetry; correction of capsular contracture and corrective surgery post breast reduction.

Welcome to Harley Cosmetic Group

        You are at Harley Cosmetic Group; this branch is dedicated to breast procedures in a safe and comfortable environment at our state of the art clinic in London. We proudly bring together a highly reputed association of specialist plastic surgeons; cosmetic surgeons; gynecologists and dermatologists who understand the uniqueness of each patient and treat them accordingly. We understand that when you consider cosmetic surgery to correct any aesthetic inferiority, they might be in an emotional turmoil. However, we require that our patients should be aware of the course of the procedure and be able to maintain and co-operate with complete details about their medical history, and all the queries in regard to a safe and successful result. We require applying patients to have realistic expectations from the surgery. We provide before after images of our past patients to help them understand and conceptualize about what their results will turn up to be. Here we use medically graded and FDA approved breast implants and ensure complete safety precautions to ensure the maximum rate of successful procedures and happy clients. A surgery at our breast augmentation clinic in London will ensure that you feel good about your body and look as naturally beautiful that you should. However, we do not neither promise nor encourage you the fact that a breast surgery will transform your entire image. We just ensure a safe and natural looking final result which is most likely to boost you with self confidence and hence, as the famous saying goes, when you feel good you look great. And live a happy life.

Client's Review

Thank God I did this Breast Augmentation. My surgeon suggested fat grafting for my uneven bosoms. I was scared, but not anymore.

– Lydia Cropper, 35, Southport

After a lumpectomy I lost my figure, my cleavage my confidence. The mommy makeover and lift gave me back confidence if not my youth.

– Alison Finch, 42, London

I consulted here at the clinic in London, I was happy to be able to talk things I have only had in subconscious. I am still deciding, but the free consultation great idea.

– Vicky Findlay, 28, Harrows

I am a proud mother of two, but I miss my body. Cosmetic surgery was scary, but my mommy makeover cleared my worries.

– Daisy Milner, 45, Fulham

Cosmetic surgery never bothered me. I had my 5 year old implants corrected. Yes, I am satisfied. But first timers research before anything.

– Grace Docherty, 32, London City

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